Iran continues its aggressive approach in the region and instability in Yemen

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 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia states that Iran continues its aggressive approach in the region and continues to interfere in the internal affairs of Arabic countries, which lead to instability and unrest in the region.

The instability and tension in Yemen is a consequence of Iran’s interference in Yemen with the aim to destabilize the country, disrupt its peace, and threaten its security. Iran seeks to incite sectarian sensitivities and to sabotage international efforts towards reaching a settlement of the Yemeni Conflict in accordance with UN resolution 2216 (issued in 2015). The Iranian Regime continues to support and encourage rebels by supplying them with arms, military experts, and missiles. This has led to instability and increased tension in the region, let alone to the suffering of the Yemeni People. The attacks against Saudi borders and  Cities would not have been occurred without Iran’s intensified encouragement and support of the rebels in Yemen, which went as far as threatening international navigation.

The Kingdom emphasizes its right to protect its sovereignty and security, and thus calls upon the international community to take its responsibility and fulfil its duty by responding to the actions of the Iranian Regime, which resulted in instability of the region as well as aggression and interference in states’ internal affairs.



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