Saudi Arabia: Iran refuses to cooperate in Saudi embassy attack in Tehran.

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SA News , Sydney, Aug 02, 2017:  

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canberra _ Press Release

A Press Release from the Saudi Embassy in Canberra on Wednesday explained that Iranian authorities had persistently and consistently stalled and refused to resume investigation into the incident of storming the embassy of the kingdom of the Saudi Arabia  in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad even though these attacks were perpetrated a year and a half ago.

The Saudi Embassy statement stated that: On 9/2/2016, the Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia in New York received a letter from the Permanent Mission of Iran in regards to the incident against the premises of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate General in Mashhad.

The letter conveyed the desire of the Iranian Government to obtain permission from the Government of Saudi Arabia to enter the premises of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate General in Mashhad, to allow them to complete their investigation of the incident.

The Iranian side was advised of the Saudi Government’s approval of their request, on condition that a team from the Kingdom travels to Iran and be present when Iranian Authorities enter the Saudi Embassy and the Consulate General premises in Iran. Another condition of Saudi Arabia’s approval was for Iran to advise the Saudi team during their stay in Iran of the outcome of the investigation that was being conducted by Iranian Authorities.

The Iranian side agreed to the conditions of the Saudi side in travelling to Iran and for the purposes stated above.

They also agreed that the Saudi team arranges for the shipping from Iran of the personal property of Saudi Diplomats who had been posted to Iran. Iran conveyed its desire to apply reciprocity principles in relation to such property.

The Iranian side also requested the names of the members of the Saudi team. The Iranian side were informed of the Saudi side’s agreement to their requests. They were also advised of the names of the Saudi team members, and that the Saudi team will be travelling to Iran and staying from 25 to 29 December 2016.

The Saudi team continued to follow up; the Iranian Authorities continued to procrastinate. The Iranian side requested from the Saudi side to set a new date for the arrival of the Saudi team in Tehran. The Saudi team advised that the date of 3 July 2017 was suitable for them to travel to Iran. The Iranian side conveyed their agreement to the date suggested by the Saudi side. The Iranian Consulate in Dubai issued the visas required for the Saudi team to enter Iran.

However, to date, the Iranian Authorities have been declined to the issue a landing permit in Iran required for the Saudi team’s airplane. Iranian Authorities have associated the matter of the Saudi team’s airplane landing permit, with the matter of the issuance of visas to enter Saudi Arabia for the Iranian team wanting to visit Iranian Diplomatic Premises in the Kingdom, as well as with the matter of the issuance of visas to enter Saudi Arabia for the team from the Iranian Hajj Organization.

The Iranian Authorities refused the presence of a Saudi Team when they enter the Saudi Missions premises to continue investigating

The Iranian side’s refusal for a Saudi Team to be present when Iranian Authorities enter the premises of the Saudi Embassy and Consulate in Iran, confirms that the Iranian side is neither serious in its investigations into the attack nor in prosecuting and punishing the perpetrators. This is not surprising about Iran, who has a long record in violating the inviolability of diplomatic mission, such as the attacks on:

  • The US Embassy in 1979 and holding its staff hostage for 444 days
  • The Saudi Embassy in 1987
  • The Kuwaiti Embassy in 1987
  • The Russian Embassy in 1988
  • A Kuwaiti Diplomat in 2007
  • The Pakistani Embassy in 2009
  • The British Embassy in 2011
  • The Saudi Embassy and Consulate in 2016

Iran’s refusal for a Saudi diplomatic team to be present when the Iranian Authorities enter the Saudi Diplomatic Mission’s premises in Iran, as well as imposing no punishment against the perpetrators involved in that attack, prove that Iran does not want to be reasonable or logical. Rather than bridging the gap, Iran aims to further ignite the situation, as it continues to act in a manner that is contrary to international principles and conventions. It also proves that the act of violating the inviolability of the Saudi Diplomatic Mission’s premises was an organized and premeditated act. It was not a mere spontaneous reaction undertaken by Iranian Citizens; it was rather part of a bigger Iranian plan supported by the Iranian Regime, seeking to escalate the situation.



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