Saudi Arabia : Missile attack on Riyadh ‘an act of war’ by Iran

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was subject to an aggressive attack by Iran backed militias in Yemen, on Saturday 4 November 2017 at 20.07 hrs., where a ballistic missile was launched from the Yemeni land towards Riyadh.  The Saudi Air Defence Forces intercepted and brought down the missile, which resulted in the projection of fragments in a residential area, with no financial losses or human casualties. The Embassy notes the following:

1.        This launched missile was similar to the missile launched on Yanbu City on 22 July 2017. It was 100% manufactured in Iran. It was sent in parts to the Iran backed militias in Yemen, and was reassembled in Yemen. The fact that the missile crossed a long distance from Yemeni land reaching the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, demonstrates that this was a developed missile. It is beyond the capabilities of Iran backed militias in Yemen to manufacture or develop such a missile. This proves the participation of experts from Iran and Hezbollah, in the assembly and launch of the missile from Yemen. This is turn confirms the Iranian intervention in Yemen. It also confirms Iran’s support of rebels against the legitimacy in Yemen, as well as its targeting of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a breach of UN Security Council Resolution 2216.

2.        The absurd and random launch of developed long range missiles from the Yemeni land, targeting civilian and residential areas, is contradictory to international human laws. It is a threat to the Kingdom, as well as to regional and international security. It undermines international efforts to restore legitimacy and security in Yemen, hindering all international and regional peacemaking efforts

3.        Such launch of missiles is considered an aggressive action by Iran. The Kingdom will not stand idly by. The Kingdom preserves its right to defend itself against Iran, in the manner and timing it deems appropriate.

4.        The Kingdom will put in place measures to ensure that the smuggling of ballistic missiles to Yemen does not recur, implementing UN Resolution 2216.

5.        In this context of ballistic missiles’ launch by Iran backed militias in Yemen, such as the launch of a ballistic missile several months ago towards the compass of all Muslims Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the Kingdom stresses that not responding to such attacks with a strong condemnation by all States of the international community will brazen the Iran backed militias in Yemen and the recurrence of such aggression. This in turn will threaten the security and stability of the region, as well as undermine the efforts aiming to restore peace in Yemen and stability in the region.  

The Embassy also notes that not standing up to those flagrant attacks with a strong condemnation by all States of the international community will encourage Iran backed militias in Yemen to continue such aggression, which threatens the security and stability of the region.


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