Arab World Media Centre (AWMC) Pty Ltd. is an Australian organisation founded in Sydney 1997 to bridge Australian and Arabic culture, through exploring media, culture, and information issues.

Its main activities are:

  1. To provide journalist and media services to private and public institutions and also to groups and individuals visiting Australia.
  2. To provide media resources of interest to the Islamic and Arab world.
  3. To organise exhibitions and seminars that inform the Australian community about Arabic culture.
  4. To publish and promote books and publications about contemporary issues that help bridge Arab and Australian cultures.
  5. Within a year AWMC has expanded rapidly to meet with the new technological advancements in both visual and social communication.
    In 2005 we established partnerships and contracts with Australia’s most prominent and professional visual communications organisations. Our work now facilitates TV news reports, multi-media productions, films, documentaries, DVD’s, Online Video Production and more.

To find out more information please visit our website at or alternatively, you can email us here.


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