Saudi Ambassador Inaugurates Saudi Cultural Activities in Canberra.

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 On  Saturday 22 February 2020, The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi     Arabia to Australia His Excellency Mr Mesaad Ibrahim AL Sulaim and ACT   Minister for Multicultural Affairs Chris Steel, MLA, inaugurated a series of     Saudi cultural activities, held at the annual National Multicultural Festival        (NMCF) in the Capital Canberra .

Ambassador AL Sulaim and Minister Steele toured the Kingdom Pavilion at the festival. The Ambassador stressed the importance of participating in international cultural events to introduce the ancient culture of Saudi Arabia, which reflects the extent of development that has reached it throughout history.                                                                                                                            He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Australian Minister OF Multicultural Affairs , Australian officials, Arab and foreign ambassadors, and community members who visited the Saudi pavilion and expressed friendly expressions of friendship with the Kingdom of Saudi arabia and its people, also express thanks to members of the Saudi culture Mission and Saudi students who participating in the events.

The Saudi Stalls was visited by huge number of interested Australians in addition to politicians and dignitaries from the International and Arab diplomatic corps.

This year, the Embassy focused on the Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 in Riyadh this year and offers on tourism in the Kingdom through the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, which attracted the attention of the festival’s audience.

The Stall showcased the rich and vibrant Saudi culture and heritage and introduced the traditional Saudi Hospitality , by offering the Stalls visitors Arabic coffee, dates and Saudi pastries.

Also Saudi folkloric Group performance shows on the Festival Stage and took part in a parade that officially launched the Festival.


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